Data Independence Network

Keeping data local



The mission of Data Independence Network is to move internet data into post-decentralized world and put local organizations in control of it.

Keeping data in the community

Right now consumer applications centralize their data. DIN aims to keep data at the local level, where it came from. DIN apps will allow local businesses to host the data and share the profits of global apps.


Beyond Decentralized

Relational database platform for decentralized environments lets applications and databases interoperate seamlessly with data staying on user devices.

Internet of databases

Beyond Decentralized is building a backbackone of the internet of databases where centralized databases can securely and fairly share data with the users and each other.

Products in Development

A local support network / global knowledge sharing network. This application focuses on situations people are facing and lets people share their wisdom on how to solve them.

A group decision network. This application focuses on the ideas that solve situations in It lets people compare and contrast decision factors.

The Team

Nikolay Dobrinov
Dr. Nikolay Dobrinov

Data Modeling & Analysis

Andrei Belitski
Dr. Andrei Belitski

Data Analysis and AI

Brian Gill
Brian Gill

Application Development

Artem Shamsutdinov
Artem Shamsutdinov

Framework & Application Development

Andrei Rodionov
Andrei Rodionov

IT Infrastructure